Fundraising & Partnerships


  Fundraising is more difficult now than it ever has been due to the current economic climate. You now have the opportunity to initiate an additional revenue stream to your organization by partnering with MNS. By making MNS a part of your next fundraising campaigning or direct marketing efforts, you can provide your members and their families with a valuable service while generating donations based on the percentage of gross revenues attributed directly to your member's response. This is a great solution for charities, alumni groups, and non-profit organizations.


  To ensure accurate sales tracking and fair accounting, we will supply you with a Promo Code that is exclusive to your group as well as a user name and password that will allow you to log in and track sales.



  Corporations who are striving to reach their revenue projections can partner with MNS to reach their objectives. Together, we would develop a promotional campaign that would be uniquely branded to your business model. As your customers become our members by utilizing a specific coding system, your company will receive a percentage of the gross sales. The end result is increased revenues to your bottom line.


  Whether you are a local business or multinational conglomerate, your employees are your most valuable asset in determining your success. Choosing to enroll your associates with MNS protects your business functions by enabling the organization to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that business goes on as usual if an incident occurs. Additionally, by adding this key service to their benefits package, you are making the statement that your employees' welfare comes first.


  By adding our unique accident and medical emergency notification program to your insurance benefit plans, it will demonstrate that you are looking out for the best interest of your customers at all times. Whether this meets the agenda of expanding your current programs or offering this in addition to their existing coverage profile it addresses a gap in their personal security issues. A simplified sign up process for your clients makes our services easy to promote and sales tracking software allows you to follow your efforts.

Need more Information??

  Please feel free to us at 1.877.692.9276 if you are interested in learning more about how this can benefit your organization or use our Contact Us on the above link.