About Us

The founders of My Notification Service, led by President Tim Lally, are a group of business professionals who understand that information and speed can mean the difference between life and death in medical emergencies. Our team has a combined background of over 100 years of business experience in the fields of computer hardware, IT, data storage, software sales, marketing, and the health care field. That combined experience has allowed us to create the most comprehensive personal emergency notification service of its kind.

The need for our service is becoming more important than ever as the percentage of people living alone continues to grow, along with the percentage of people who do not have land-line phones increases. Your driver's license or ID will not provide enough information for emergency responders to learn what vital medical information they might need to treat you properly or what family members to notify. Hence, the national average to alert a family member that an emergency has occurred is 6 hours. We do it in minutes!

Our mission is to provide people the peace of mind of knowing that in an emergency we will immediately provide emergency responders with critical medical information, and then we notify all of a person's vital contacts listed with us such as family, friends, child care, pet care, employer, etc., alerting them to the situation and where the person is located.